Purported Image of a Green Low-Cost iPhone Body

low-budget iPhone

NowhereElse (via 9to5mac) has posted an alleged image of the outer shell belonging to a green low-cost iPhone.

The report was quick to point out that the image may be that of a Chinese clone. Therefore, readers should take this with an adequate dose of Sodium Chloride.

According to the report:

To begin, note that this case is prima facie not designed in one piece. It would appear that the hull itself and the panel on which the various internal components of the device will be attached are two distinct elements.

It then noted that the location of the multiple attachment points of the internal components such as the motherboard and the connection port Lightning coincide more or less with the same points positioning components of the iPhone 5.

In short, this case could actually be that the hypothetical iPhone plastic input-end but the shadow of a Chinese copy still flat over these pictures … Until further evidence confirm or deny the leak, so I only let you draw your own conclusions

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