PrimeSense Could Give Apple A New Foothold In Enterprise Market

  • November 29, 2013

Forrester Research is reporting that Apple’s purchase of PrimeSense could open up new computing experiences and enterprise solution.

According to Forester, PrimeSense could open up the following possibilities for the company:

  • Apple TV. The long-rumoured Apple television set – as well as the long-extant AppleTV set top device – could both benefit from motion-sensing and depth/color sensing, particularly for next-generation interactive television applications.
  • Mobile and wearable products. PrimeSense has made a strong effort to miniaturise its components, and the next logical step would be to embed its technologies into mobile or wearable computing products. While often seen as a motion-sensing technology, PrimeSense is at base a depth- and color- perception technology that could potentially someday be used to recognise people – or to help the blind navigate the streets.
  • Customised e-commerce. Imagine scanning your house – or your body – to receive custom-build cabinets or bespoke clothing shipped to you in short order. PrimeSense technology can already empower these mass customised scenarios.

More importantly, Forrester believes PrimeSense already has a number of  enterprise technology solutions that will boost Apple’s presence in the enterprise market.

“Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense gives the company additional ammunition in the drive to innovate its products – as well as a new foothold in the enterprise-focused technology market,” the report said.


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