President of National Federation of The Blind Slams Reuters Poor Reporting on Apple

In a recent report, Reuters – Christina Farr was highly critical of Apple role in promoting accessible apps in their Apple store.

“Advocates for the blind are debating whether to use a carrot or a stick to persuade one of their oldest allies, Apple Inc, to close an emerging digital divide in mobile technology,” Christina Farr reports for Reuters.

However, President of National Federation -Mark A. Riccobono slams the Reuters article as poor reporting and misrepresenting the facts.

According to Mark A. Riccobono, Apple has been a great partner to the organization and has done more for the blind than any other company.

[su_quote cite=”Mark A. Riccobono” url=”″]I thought the chatter around the resolution would fade away until some media reports made inaccurate assertions about the resolution, its content, and what actions the NFB will take to carry it out. Many of these inaccurate assertions have been fueled by a provocative and poorly reported article from the Reuters news service, linked here only for reference.


The National Federation of the Blind has been struggling with how to address these problems for years. Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company to date, and we have duly recognized this by presenting the company with at least two awards (including our annual Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award) and publicly praising it whenever the opportunity arises



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