Photo Shows iPhone 5s Being Tested On China Mobile 4G Network

China Mobile iPhone 5s

According to a new report from C Tech, China Mobile, China’s largest mobile carrier is likely to launch the iPhone soon.

C Tech has posted photos of an iPhone 5s running iOS 7 testing China Mobile 4G network.   The report states that, “Insiders said this is iPhone5S are testing China Mobile 4G network, the speed is good.

China Mobile iPhone 5s

UnwiredView recently posted photo of China Mobile advertising the iPhone 5s/5c. According to the report, China Mobile is waiting for the permission from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to launch their TD-LTE network for commercial use.


 of Unwired View said: “This permission is coming pretty soon. There is a lot of discussion about how soon exactly, but now we can stop speculating about the worst case  scenario. According to MIIT minister Miao Wei, the first 4G licenses will most definitely be issued by the end of the year.  Though the informed sources inside MIIT are whispering much earlier date – middle of October, with China Mobile’s 4G Network is going live soon after – in November.”

A few weeks ago we reported that Apple iPhone 5s/5c with TD-LTE support were granted commercial licenses in China. This is the LTE spectrum used by China Mobile.



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