Photo of Blue iPhone 5C Running iOS 7

  • September 4, 2013

iPhone 5C running iOS 7

Photo of Blue iPhone 5C Running iOS 7

On Monday the folks from C technology published the first purported video of a Pink iPhone 5C running iOS7. Today we have a photo of the Blue iPhone 5C loading up with iOS 7. This new photo gives us a clearer image of the iPhone 5C in operation compared to the leaked video.

From this photo, you can clearly see the start up screen with Apple’s redesigned iconic “slide to unlock” message and camera icon.

According to the report, the authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed. However, given the image before us and the previous video, it’s very likely that this might be genuine.

Yesterday Apple sent out invitations to various Medial outlets for a special event at their Cupertino, Calif., headquarters on September 10. The Cupertino-based company is widely expected to unveil their next generation iPhones.


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