Orders for New Xbox Console Components Already Shipping [Rumor]

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Digitimes is reporting that the folks in the supply chain are already shipping orders for the next-generation Xbox game console – codenamed Durango – in small volume. According to the report, this shipment is expected to increase in volume and peaked in the third quarter.

According to the report, the following companies are involve in the supplying components and assembly of the next generation Xbox game console:

  • Lite-On Technology and Delta Electronics are supplying the power supply for the next-generation Xbox
  • Lite-On IT is supplying optical disc drive (ODD)
  • Asia Optical and Newmax are supplying sensing lens, Foxlink is supplying connectors
  • Jentech Precision Industrial is supplying cooling modules
  •  Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is conducting assembly

Microsoft is set to unveil some features of the next – generation Xbox at a media event later today. According to a report from CNET, this event will focus on non-gaming entertainment features while a second media showcase at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles will look at the gaming side of things.

There are speculations that the new Xbox will come with DVD/Blu-ray drive and the ability to broadcast live TV live the internet.

“There is no question it will have a big hard drive, a DVD/Blu-ray drive, a fast processor, and tons of memory,” Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said of the next Xbox (via CNET). “Microsoft has all the network support it needs to ensure a stellar multiplayer experience. What’s left is software, non-game functions, and form factor.”

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