New Leak of iPhone 6 Circuit Board Suggests NFC Is On Its Way

NowhereElse has published photos of the purported iPhone 6 circuit board of the next generation iPhone – iPhone 6.

“Although its design is essentially identical to that of PCB found in previous generations of iPhone, this new model is nevertheless differs in some points,” Steve Hemmerstoffer reports for “It will be noted for example that the bracket to the top of this piece is much longer than usual, or that the location of some components such as the processor differs from one generation to another. Significant changes in internal design are obviously the program .”

The report also reveals that the iPhone 6 may also come with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip.


“Obviously well informed, my contact tells me in passing that the iPhone 6 will be identified under the reference N61 but also that its motherboard is equipped with an NFC chip (or U5301_RF U5411_RF) and a wireless 820.11a / c module,” Steve Hemmerstoffer reports. “The rumor suggests that the next smartphone California can finally be equipped with NFC technology seems to be confirmed.”

Apple is widely rumored to enter the mobile payment market some time this year, perhaps the company is looking to use NFC as an optional method for consumers to pay using their iPhone.

“Conversations between Apple and payments-industry companies have heated up in recent months, with several people briefed on the talks saying that Apple executives have discussed launching a mobile “wallet” as soon as this fall for people to use their iPhones to pay for goods in physical stores,” Amir Efrati writes for The Information. “Apple has long been expected to make such a move, but it’s been cautious so far amid failed efforts by Google and others to enable payments and other transactions by phone. Now, though, the company’s plans are coming into greater focus.”



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