New Image iPhone 6 Manual Reveals September 9 Unveiling Date

French tech blog NowhereElse has exclusively revealed a new photo of the iPhone 6 manual which appears to confirm a September 9 unveiling date. According to the report, the image was sent by a reliable source in China.

From the report:
[su_quote] You’re probably aware that the manufacturers of electronic devices are mostly used to display the launch date of their devices on multiple promotional illustrations of these. For example, the launch date of the iPhone 5s (10 September 2013) is displayed on the calendar icon of all the official photos of this model.

Thus, the date displayed on the screen of the iPhone 6 printed on the box below indicates that its launch is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9, 2014 to be in exactly fifteen days! Date that had been raised earlier this month and seems finally confirmed.

I would just like to say that this card fresh out of print would be, according to my contact, not necessarily the final version to be put into the box of the iPhone 6 Understand that some minor modifications may still be made to this document.[/su_quote]

Earlier this month, Re/Code exclusively reported that Apple is set to hold a special event to unveil the iPhone 6.


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