Multi-Touch Screen Input Comes to Apple Mac Users Via TouchIT Technologies



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Apple’s Macintoch PCs currently does have  multi-touch input via the display as seen on iOS devices and probably never will. This is mainly due to Steve Jobs’s notion that such a technology will provide a bad user experience.

However, TouchIT Technologies Inc. has unveiled a new technology that is about to change that. The company  has announced the launch of a new range of 4 point multi-touch LEDs designed for Apple Macintosh users in both the education and corporate market. According to the press release, “the new range of LEDs support many of the Apple Mac trackpad gestures allowing the Mac user to benefit from multi-touch gesture input in OS X directly from the LED screen.”

We’ve supported multi-touch gesturing under MS Windows since we launched the Duo range of LCD last year and our new 4 point touch LED models will also support this,” remarked Andi Brabin, CEO at TouchIT Technologies. “Mac is an area where we have seen increasing demand for better hardware support from our users and we think that they will really like the new gestures we have integrated,” he added. “It’s an area where we believe we can have an advantage over our competitors.

The new range of 4 point touch LEDs, available in sizes from 46″ to 80″ is available now and is already shipping to Australia and the Middle East. The roll out to Europe and the United States will take place in July this year.

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