Mobile Commerce 2014 Report: iOS Dominates UK Mobile Shopping Market

EpiServer’s new Mobile Commerce report 2014  – Mobile Commerce 2014: Serving the Omnichannel Customers reveals that iPhone owners use their smartphone to shop online far more than their Android counterpart.

The study involving 1,000 UK adults (smartphones and tablets owners) reveals that 66 percent of iPhone users make purchases via mobile sites at least once a month, compared to only 47 percent of those with an Android smartphone. The study also highlighted that iPhone owners are the most frequent shoppers, with one in 10 making a purchase using their mobile every single day. Additionally, Apple device users make up 46 percent of the 25.5 million UK consumers that make mobile site purchases on a monthly or more regular basis, compared to 38 percent on Android.

This report is even more significant given that Android has a larger share of the UK smartphone market at 44 percent and iOS coming in with  38 percent.

Key highlights from the report:

  • 66% of iPhone users are making purchases via mobile sites at least once a month, compared to only 47% of those with an Android smartphone
  • Windows users are most likely to make a purchase via a mobile website on tablet, with 63% doing so at least monthly
  • Mobile browsing is taking place at home more than anywhere else at 64%, a figure that is even higher for tablet browsing at 80%
  • Top frustrations with mobile shopping are speed and automatic screen size adaptation

via: Internet Retailing

Source: EpiServer 


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