Leaked Photo of iPhone 5S Home Button Hints at Fingerprint Sensor [Rumor]

  • September 3, 2013

iPhone 5S Fingerprint scanner

According to the latest report from C Technology, they received a purported photo of the iPhone 5S Home, which appears to be slightly redesigned.  Instead on the square white marking in the Home button, we have a diamond shape.

The reported stated that the anonymous source of the picture, informed the blog that the iPhone 5S Home button is like a brushed material, feels very good, but they are not sure about the type of material used. Furthermore, when compared with the iPhone 5 Home button, the iPhone 5S feels slightly elevated.

This rumor confirms an earlier report by  KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, who is renowned for his accurate reports on upcoming Apple products. At the time, Kuo suggested that the “iPhone 5S will have a sapphire fingerprint reader home button that will no longer be plastic and concave but actually protrude slightly from the iPhone in a convex manner.”

With regards to seeing a fingerprint technology in an iOS device in the future, the question is not if but when.

Apple purchased AuthenTec, a company specialized in fingerprint technology, for approximately $356 million last summer. According to a report from AppleInsider, Apple’s was keen on the company’s new “Smart Sensor” technology, which acts as a sophisticated touch pad controller.

“While just 13.3mm wide by 3mm high and a scant 1.30 mm thick, the company’s first Smart Sensor, announced in May just as Apple began its frantic efforts to buy the firm, packs a 500 pixel per inch, 192×8 pixel detection matrix and all the necessary finger print matching technology and security encryption to serve as a fully self contained finger recognizer,” according to the report.

According to AuthenTec notes, “semiconductor-based sensors are based on both capacitive and radio frequency (RF) technology that detects an image of the fingerprint ridge and valley pattern beneath the surface of the skin, thus capturing sharp and clear fingerprint patterns from the live layer. This approach, which is in marked contrast with optical, thermal and other solutions that simply read the surface of the skin, gives AuthenTec sensors significant advantages in image quality and in the protective coatings that the sensor can image through.”

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S at a special event on September 10. Hopefully the invites will go out today.


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