iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sold Out In South Korea

iPhone 5 launches in South Korea

Despite the ongoing patent war between Samsung and Apple, the Cupertino-based company smartphone continues to do very well in the South Korea.

According to a report from The Korea Economic Daily, pre-order sales of the iPhone 5, which went on sale via SK Telecom and KT from November 30, sold 180,000 in just two hours after it was launched.

From the report:

[quote] The pre-order sales of the iPhone 5, implemented by SK Telecom and KT from November 30, attracted 180,000 people in just two hours after it was launched. The iPhone 5 is expected to pass the 600,000 mark in pre-order sales by December 7. This reflects a huge stand-by demand by the consumers whose two-year subscription to iPhone 3GS, which was released in November 2009, ended.

SK Telecom announced on December 1 that its iPhone 5 inventories of 50,000 units, allotted for online pre-orders, were sold out. SK Telecom terminated the online per-order event and pre-orders are available only through stores.

KT also announced that the number of people who made pre-orders for iPhone 5 reached the level of 200,000 at noon of December 2, a speed more than two times faster than those for the iPhone 4S.”

An IT consultancy Roa Consulting predicted that as many as 2 million people are likely to purchase the iPhone 5 by the end of 2012, given the strong demand from existing iPhone users and a fast-growing new demand.[/quote]


Source: The Korea Economic Daily

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