Introducing meClock App for iOS and Android Devices


Today, ME System – a London based product innovation company unveils the ME Clock: The Digital Life Coach  and the ME Clock App for both Android and iPhone.

According to the press release:

ME Clock is a revolutionary personal trainer for the mind that helps people reshape the way they think about achieving their goals and overcoming challenges in a meaningful, real, and lasting way.

The ME Clock programs provide a relaxing, empowering workout for one’s thoughts and emotions by combining aspects of life coaching, meditation, hypnosis, and counseling philosophies within one’s reach 24/7. The concepts behind the ME Clock programs are based on 10 years of intensive practice and research in the mind-body field at a clinic in Harley Street, London’s world famed medical district, by ME System co-founder Mike Squirrell, an expert in the fields of mind-body healing, integrated medicine and lifestyle coaching.

“What we’ve done with the ME Clock programs is take the science behind a concept that we know works, and package it in a way in which anyone can access it on their own schedule, at their own pace,” explains ME System co-founder, Mike Squirrell. “The quantified self movement has been propelled into our lives by tracking products like the Nike Fuel Band, Fit Bit and the Jawbone Up, but what do you do once you’ve tracked your habits and deficiencies and these products outgrow their use? ME System provides a training rather than a tracking solution to people’s problems. It’s an integration of technology and wellness in a way that has many people from both fields eager to be a part of what we are doing.”

Features of the ME Clock include:

  • 50 hours of powerful audio messaging sequences to promote rapid change in the life area of one’s choice.
  • ME program comes with three 21-day cycles and works in 3 easy steps – before, during, and after sleep.
  • ME Start – First step to inner transformation, which is used each morning to motivate, energize and align people for the day ahead.
  • ME Fresh – Clears all the cumulative stresses of the day from one’s mind and body so one can enter a deep state of relaxation ready for the perfect night’s sleep.
  • ME Set – Choose a personal program and enjoy the effortless training of one’s thought process during sleep.

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