Instagram Introduces Face and Brand Tagging via New ‘Photos of You’ Section

Instagram introduces face and brand tagging via new ‘Photos of You’ section

A year after Facebook acquired Instagram, the popular mobile photo sharing app introduced their image tagging feature option on their ‘Photos of You’ section. In a blog post, Instagram said that they’re allowing their users to add people, objects and even brands to their photos. Before, users were only allowed to include photo title and location.


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“Your captions and hashtags capture the “what?” and your Photo Map answers the “where?” but until today we’ve never been able to answer the “who?”” as written on the Instagram blog. “When you upload a photo to Instagram, you’re now able to add people as easily as you add hashtags.”

Instead of calling the feature “tagging” like how Facebook calls it, Instagram would want to put it as “adding” where you include names of people in your picture.

In order to get access to this new feature, users need to update their current Instagram to version 3.5 from their iPhone, iPad or Android devices by visiting the App Store or the Google Play.

Unlike on Facebook, only the user who published the photo have the option to tag on it– giving users the same full control over the content they share. You can add any Instragram users, companies, brands, or even the dog you’re following online.

An Instagram spokesperson said that the company hopes that the new ‘Photos of You’ feature will help develop the user experience as well as help the active brands in promoting through the app. There is a new section of the updated version of the app that allows businesses to use pictures published, shared and added by Instagram members. Brands such as Michael Kors (#michaelkors) can easily view and showcase user-submitted photos. Currently, the hashtag #michaelkors has nearly 900,000 photos tagged.

How to use the photo tag on Instagram:

Every time you upload a photo, you’ll be prompted to tap on people or brand by searching their names using the drop down option. You can also tag your old photos. Apart from the members you follow or follow you, you also have the option to tag your Facebook friends.

Only you have the option to tag on your photos.

Privacy option:

As mentioned previously, users will need to install the updated version 3.5 in order to get this new photo tagging feature. If you go to the ‘Photos of You’ section, you have the option to choose whether you want your friends to freely tag you on their photos or to pre-approve each request. Users will also receive a notification every time they get tagged in a photo.

Once you have set your privacy option, you can now skim through your tagged photos. This will be similar to how you view your Timeline on Facebook. You can also browse more privacy tips in the app’s Help Center.

The new feature will permanently be included on the app after May 16, so members still have the chance to check the new ‘Photos of You’ section of the updated Instagram app. What do you think about Instagram’s new photo feature? Will you update to version 3.5 soon?


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