The Idea Of Built-In GPS For Camera Originated From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs came up with many brilliant ideas that change the way we do things today. However, putting a built-in GPS in a camera is not one of those we would accredit to Steve Jobs… well until now.

According to a report from Tokyo based IT journalist and consultant – Nobuyuki Hayashi, Steve Jobs was the one that suggested that Sony’s Cybershots cameras should have built-in GPS:

[su_quote]Before joining Apple, Raymann served as a senior scientist at Philips Research working as a lead on various sleep related research projects. He founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory, a non-clinical sleep research facility, and also lead projects researching various aspects of sleep and activity monitoring through the Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle Sleep Research Program and the company’s Brain, Body, and Behavior group. Raymann’s research covers many projects related to monitoring and modulating sleep patterns through non-medical means. For example, he has written extensively on “mild skin warming” as a non-pharmacological method of altering “sleep-pressure, sleep quality and alertness.” He also has extensive experience in researching wearable sensors and miniaturisation of sensors related to tracking sleep and alertness activity.[/su_quote]

There’s also a fascinating recount of Steve Jobs special relationship with Sony at the source.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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