HTC One Max Review: Fingerprint Frustration


Apple has been widely criticised for not being innovative with their Touch ID. The main argument is that this feature was in the Motorola Atrix first. However, the real innovation behind the Touch ID is in its implementation. Apple has taken a very complex problem and made it appear simple.

If you don’t believe that this is the case, read The Verge’s review of the HTC One Max fingerprint sensor.

[quote cite=”Vlad Savov ” url=””]Using the One max in the recommended way — as a very generously proportioned phone — is an exercise in frustration, and nothing exemplifies that better than its major new feature, the fingerprint scanner. Firstly, it’s placed in exactly the wrong place. Sitting immediately below the camera lens and requiring a swipe, it pretty much compels you to smudge the lens every time you want to identify yourself. The need for a vertical swipe is also problematic, since your hand’s natural position is at an angle to the sensor, demanding an unnatural and uncomfortable motion to activate it. Inevitably, that leads to regular failures to recognise your epidermic signature.

Equally enervating is the fact that you have to wake the One max from sleep before swiping to unlock it. The whole point of these fingerprint sensors is to speed up security processes, not make them more finicky, and that’s exactly where the HTC One max fails. There’s plenty of potential here, as you can enroll up to three different fingers and assign each an app to launch, but that only works from the lock screen — why not universally? As it is, the fingerprint scanner implementation here is clumsy, awkward, and comfortably in line with the long history of failed attempts at making this technology work.

The very same can be said of the One max’s form factor. It just doesn’t work. Every time I pick up this device, I long for either a properly sized tablet like the Nexus 7 or a more compact beast like the original One. Hell, even the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 feels petite and compact when set against the One max.[/quote]

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