Here’s Why Apple Won’t Be The Next Microsoft

  • February 22, 2014

Here’s Why Apple Won’t Be The Next Microsoft

Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes recently downgraded Apple stock stock from “overweight” to “equal weight” with a $570 price target. Ben Reitzes told investors that Apple will end up being the next Microsoft.

This has prompted Mark Rogowsky of Forbes to pen an excellent rebuttal of the concerns Ben Reitzes raised.

“While it’s certainly challenging to predict the future of Apple’s share price, it’s fairly easy to eviscerate the facile argument presented by Barclays (and elsewhere) concerning Apple,” Mark Rogowsky said. “In telling investors to “step aside,” analyst Ben Reitzes says the smartphone market is maturing, nothing in Apple’s product pipeline will make a big difference like iPad or iPhone did, and there’s a whole host of reasons to see Apple as following in the footsteps of Microsoft. The last part of the reasoning is particularly lightweight and needs to be picked apart.”

True to his words, Mark Rogowsky went about negate some of the points Ben Reitzes made.

Mark Rogowsky concludes that – “a perfectly legitimate concern for Apple is that it’s been in a similar position of strength for a couple of years now and it has yet to show its hand as to what “next big thing” it’s up to… In the meantime, though this space doesn’t provide investment advice, it does recommend ignoring any that’s provided by banks named Barclays.”

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