Here’s Why The Unification Of iOS And OS X Is Not A Good Idea

Microsoft believes that the future of personal computing lies in the convergence of the traditional PC interface with their modern Windows Phone operating system. Apple on the other hand, view this as a non-sensical idea.

Writing for Tech.pinions, John Kirk provides a compelling argument as why he believes Apple’s approach will win.

Firstly, Kirk rubbished the notation that converging the two operating systems is pretty straight forward:


….It’s not, they contend, that Apple CANNOT create a unified operating system, it’s simply that Apple REFUSES to do so. If only Apple would not be so gol’ darn stubborn and get on the unified operating system bandwagon, Apple could not only make a device that would run on a unified operating system but they could make a unified device that would be totally AWESOME!

Bull hockey

I VEHEMENTLY disagree. Operating system unification is not a “lost opportunity.” It’s not an “opportunity” at all. It’s a disaster because A TOUCH OPERATING SYSTEM IS WHOLLY INCOMPATIBLE WITH A DESKTOP OPERATING SYSTEM.


I agree with John Kirk’s point to a large extent. We’ve been using mice and keyboards as the main inputs on desktop computer for years. With the advent of the iPhone, Apple brought touch input to the masses in a big way, creating a whole new computing experience for consumers.

Here’s Apple executive Craig Federighi take on the matter:

[su_quote]This device [MacBook Air] has been honed over 30 years to be optimal for keyboards and mice. The reason OS X has a different interface than iOS isn’t because one came after the other or because this one’s old and this one’s new. Instead, it’s because using a mouse and keyboard just isn’t the same as tapping with your finger.[/su_quote]

Kirk’s piece also remains me of MG Siegler’s post ridiculing former Microsoft executive  Steven Sinofsky’s “no compromises” mantra for the Surface Tablets last year:


I’ve finally read through most of the Surface Pro reviews — not surprisingly, Microsoft did not send me one (though I did briefly play with a couple last week). What’s hilarious — and already pointed out by John Gruber — is that nearly every single review goes on and on about how the Surface Pro is a product full of frustrating compromises. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s statements while building Windows 8 that it would be all about “no compromises”.

I mean, just read Joanna Stern’s ABC News title for chrissakes: Microsoft Surface Pro Review: A Tablet/Laptop Hybrid With Compromises.

It’s almost as if Microsoft time traveled a few months ago to read today’s reviews for the Surface Pro, then went back to try to brainwash everyone with the opposite rhetoric — only to have it backfire miserably. I mean, it’s really amazing how nearly every reviewer came to exact opposite conclusion of Steven Sinofsky’s “no compromises”.


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