Has Apple Been Shamelessly Copied, Again?

Writing for Motley FoolAshraf Eassa suggests that Apple has proven to be the leader in the mobile industry once again. According to Ashraf Eassa, other smartphone vendors are shamelessly copying Apple’s idea of introducing the “gold” colour to their iPhone line up.

Ashraf Eassa:

“Could it get any more obvious that both Samsung and HTC are pretty shamelessly playing “follow the leader”? Sure, one could conceivably say that these are just colors. While this is true, the fact that Apple’s competitors are using nearly identical color schemes to what Apple offers is no coincidence. In fact, if this idea were so “obvious,” then why didn’t HTC or Samsung think to offer this particular set of colors beforehand?”

Apple Gets Shamelessly Copied  Again  AAPL  SSNLF



The photos above clearly suggest that Ashraf Eassa has a point. But as he subsequently pointed out that since others are prepared to copy the Cupertino-based company, the pressure is on Apple to continue innovating.

“Apple is an innovator and a company that understands its customers,” Ashraf Eassa said. “It has world-class design teams (both industrial and semiconductor), and its software ecosystem and development efforts really are unmatched in the smartphone space. While that’s all well and good, it’s tough to ignore the fact that (almost) anything that Apple can do (at least on the hardware side of things), others can and will copy.”


Image Credit: Motley Fool

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