Gizmodo Launches iPhone 5s “Sensorgate” Inquest

As if the iPhone 4 Antennegate and iPhone 5 Purple Flaregate stories weren’t enough, Gizmodo is at it again. This time it’s Sensorgate. The tech blog is reporting that the sensors on Apple’s iPhone 5s are “embarrassingly” off centered with the hardware being the most likely cause.

The only good thing about this report is that it’s not written by Jesus Diaz, but it still have the Anti-Apple sentiment flowing through it.


As richard371 in the MacRumors thread points out, though, the inconsistency of the problem suggests—and the fact that it doesn’t show up on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7—that the hardware isn’t being properly calibrated in the factory, and that means that there are millions of phones out there that might never be exactly right. That’s a huge problem. (Some users have reportedly had luck taking their phones back and swapping them for others—but just as many users report making the exchange and getting another malfunctioning unit.)

Here are Gizmodo photos of the issue:


iPhone 5


iPhone 5s

Here are my photos:

iPhone sensor

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s sensory

iPhone 5s (Sorry for the grainy image)

As you can see, the iPhone 5 senors are also off. However, it’s not as conspicuous as the iPhone 5s.

My take is that Apple will probably “level” this up with a software update and ensure the hardware on future iPhone 5s devices are properly calibrated. This is definitely not the “huge problem” Gizmodo would like it to be.

Macalope hit the nail on the head when it reported that:

This is just a reminder that, at least when it comes to Apple, Gizmodo does not publish analysis. It publishes hate mail.

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