GiGi Brings the Next Generation of Secure Messaging to Android and iOS

GiGi brings the next generation of secure messaging to Android and iOS by allowing users to securely communicate with and share a variety of file types with other users.


Credit: GiGi

Force Interactive has partnered with GiGi to create a powerful new secure messaging, file, photo, and video sharing platform onto the App Store and Google Play, according to a press release on Monday.

According to the company’s website GiGi (Get It? Got It! Gone):

Is a revolutionary product that allows users to securely communicate with and share a variety of file types with other users. The type of communication, and lifespan of its content, is determined solely by the sender as all files introduced to GiGi’s “Environment” are first delivered to GiGi’s proprietary, encryption free servers, before they are made available for use. And once the user deletes the communication, all content is permanently removed from the servers, rendering it irretrievable.

It allows a registered user can securely transmit/receive:

  • E-mail Messages
  • SMS (Text) Messages
  • PDF Files
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • MP3 files
  • QuickTime Movie Files
  • JPEG Picture Files
  • Gi-VM: Secure Audio Communication (The GiGi alternative to traditional voice mail)
  • Gi-Destruct: Immediate File Termination Algorithm
  • Gi-Retract: Immediate File Recall Algorithm

Sources: GiGiPRNewswire


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