Get Ready For The Beach This Summer With These 5 Fitness Gadgets


This is not your typical technology post – but what the heck! Summer is not too far away and we all want to be in good shape.

Here are  5 great fitness equipment/machines that will take care of all your needs and will build a great body in no time.

Summer is only a few months away now and you’ll be walking along the beach with your t-shirt off before you know it. Time seems to be moving so fast at the moment and if you want to build a great body before summer arrives you have to start right now. If you can’t get started today there is not much hope for you having a body you can be proud of until next year.

If you want a little help there are some cool fitness gadgets you can buy and it means you don’t even need to set foot in a gym. You can do all of your work outside in the garden, or even down at the local park. Cool gadgets and fitness really do make a great combination, so let’s discover the things you should be getting your hands on in order to achieve great results.

An adjustable kettlebell

It seems like everyone has a kettlebell these days and rightfully so, because they are one of the best pieces of equipment for losing weight in the world. The only problem with them is buying a whole set because they’re really expensive, but now you can buy a special one that can be adjusted to any size you will ever need. Now there is no excuse for growing out of your old one.

Hanging rings

Have you ever seem the rings gymnastics use when performing all of their cool exercises? Well if you buy a pair of hanging rings you can do them too. They come with adjustable straps and you can hang them over anything: a tree, a basement beam, or even a chin-up bar. You can use them to do simple bodyweight exercises that will be a little tougher because you have to stabilize the rings.

A Gymboss

When you’re running or cycling it can sometimes get a little boring. An easy way to mix it up is by doing bodyweight circuits. Not only will you lose lots of fat, but you’re also going to become stronger. The Gymboss is a little timing device that lets you set up intervals, so you can do an exercise for 30 seconds before it tells you when to rest and then when to start again.

An ab-wheel

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on any fitness equipment for your stomach. There is absolutely no need to and you’re just throwing away your money because the simple ab-wheel is the best piece of equipment out there for giving you a toned six pack. It can be picked up for less than 10 bucks and will last you a long time. You can’t beat the value you’re getting.

A step box

You’ve probably used one of these when you’ve took part in a gym class, but there is nothing stopping you from using it at home. It’s a great piece of equipment for raising your legs when you want to increase the difficulty of pushups. You can also use it for a huge selection of exercises and it can be hidden away in the cupboard once you’re finished with it for the day.

This guest post is by Veronica Matthew, a gym instructor by passion. She uses guest posting to share her knowledge and opinions about health and fitness. Her day job is at Gym Direct, a company that supplies fitness equipment.

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