Former Anobit CEO: Working at Apple was an Amazing Experience


ZDnet caught up with  Ariel Maislos – former CEO of Israel’s Anobit at CES and discussed his previous role at Apple and how the  Cupertino-based company ended up purchasing Anobit.

Ariel Maislos worked at Apple for about a year, after his startup Anobit was purchased by the company in December 2011. According to ZDnet, Maislos retired from Apple for personal reasons last month.

When asked how the deal between Apple and his company came about, Maislos had this to say:

[quote] We weren’t looking for a particular landmark or exit We’re all serial entrepreneurs who have already participated in several exits, so we had enough money to fund the company ourselves, without the need to sell out. We went full speed ahead into our work, without looking back.

But Apple, it turned out, was very interested in Anobit. “We had already had a close working relationship with Apple. When you are working in the flash memory industry, it’s kind of hard not to come across Apple at some point, as a partner or a customer – and they were a very big customer. We developed a very good relationship with them, and a mutual appreciation developed between both companies.[/quote]

This is what Maislos had to say about his experience at Apple:

[quote] At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone. Apple expects everything you do to be amazing. At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone…. That is not the case at Intel, where no one expects you to be ‘amazing’ although Intel does reward those who give their “A+ game.

…It’s a company that is extremely focused on its goals. Working there was an amazing experience.[/quote]


Source: ZDnet

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