Counterpoint TMR: Samsung is the Toyota of Mobile Era


This is a very interesting article by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, describing the rise and rise of Samsung in the mobile devices market at the expense of past giants such as Nokia and RIM.

According to the article:

[quote] Samsung’s success is based on nothing else than an extreme focus on execution. Samsung is the most prevalent example of how you can turn from a fast-follower into a first-mover. Yes, let’s face it. By taking over the lead from the dinosaur Nokia, Samsung has effectively made itself not only the market-leader, but also the product- and innovation-leader. If we only look back five years, Samsung was nowhere close to Nokia. Back then Samsung did well here and there, but was still the underdog compared to Nokia and Motorola. Its products were good in quality and already very popular in its home market South Korea, but none of them had the power to take on those stylish, trendy and high-quality phones from Nokia. Nokia was THE brand back then.[/quote]

The post highlighted that Samsung took full advantage of the window of opportunity opened to them in the by Apple in 2007.

“So if Toyota invented “lean production”, Samsung took it to the next level by inventing “fast lean production”. Samsung basically executed faster than anybody else. While life is sometimes tough for its employees, Samsung has a rigorous approach to putting resources together once a decision is made and if that decision requires quick action. Samsung is an organization that can put together large development-teams and assign million-dollar budgets within hours,” according to the report.

The report went on to explain that Samsung can analyse competitor models and have reports for its top-management within days. Samsung also has the managerial capability of putting things together on a larger-scale.

I’m sure Apple can testify to the statement above.

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