Cool And Unusual Facts About Apple Inc.

Cool And Unusual Facts About Apple Inc.

Here we have a list of some cool and interesting facts about Apple Inc, which started in Los Altos, California, in 1976.

The list include:

1. The very first apple computer ever built cost $666.66. 

2. Scientist Carl Sagan sued Apple for defamation, but lost. 

3. Apple has the patent for ‘slide-to-unlock’.

4. Fake Apple stores in China were so convincing that even their employees thought they were real.

5. The top nine Apple executives make more money than 95,000 Apple factory workers in China.

6. Apple’s original logo was nothing like it is now. 

7. Microsoft spends way more than Apple does on research.

8. Apple cannot market iPhones in Brazil because another company owns the trademark.

9. Steve Jobs eliminated all corporate charity programs in 1997. 

10. Steve Wozniak gave 80,000 of his own Apple shares to employees who would not otherwise have gotten any after the IPO.

11. Apple had a third co-founder, Ronald Wayne, who sold his shares for $800 in 1977. 

12. Smoking near an Apple computer may void its warranty. 

13. Apple’s Siri keeps your data for two years.

14. Apple once had more cash in the bank than the US Treasury had money to spend.

15. Apple now has the highest market value of any private company in the world.

16. Apple Corps, a company founded by The Beatles, was engaged in a legal battle with Apple Inc. over trademark rights for 28 years.

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