Control 4 Wireless Music Bridge Promises to Deliver Streaming Music throughout Your Home via Any Smartphone/Tablet

In a press release today,  Control4 – a market leader in home automation systems, unveils the new Control4  Wireless Music Bridge. The new product will reportedly enable you, your family and guests to instantly and wirelessly connect smartphones, tablets or computers — and all the music stored on those devices — to a Control4 system.

Control 4 Wireless Music Bridge

According to the website Control4  Wireless Music Bridge enables users to:

  • Listen to your music in any audio zone in your home via Control4  Wireless Music Bridge.
  • The new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge also provides a convenient path for Control4 customers to connect to streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio from their personal smart devices– all while preserving full phone and smart device browsing and app capabilities.
  •  Fire up your favorite playlist via AirPlay, and enjoy your favorite music — not on a little portable wireless speaker system, but on the best speakers in the house. Combining Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity technologies into a single product, the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge allows nearly every smart device to bridge music, podcasts, news, sports and audio books into the Control4 system, while providing full support for streaming AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA.
  • Add additional Wireless Music Bridges to your Control4 system, and every member of the household can have his or her own direct wireless portal to every zone of audio in the home.
  • Minimize your music app, and the artwork and metadata still streams directly into the Control4 environment for display within the Control4 “Now Playing” interface on touch panels, TV screens, or your smart device.

Control 4 Wireless Music Bridge

“I listen to Spotify so much these days that I’ve seriously been considering replacing my home theater receiver with a newer model with the streaming service built in,” said Joe Hageman, a longtime Control4 customer. “Thanks to the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, I don’t have to. Any new streaming audio service that’s available on my smart phone or tablet is also instantly available via any sound system in or around the house.”

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