Competencies in BI and SQL Consulting: A Guide for your Business

Bi and SQL

A team can work better than a single head. I guess every business should know that by now. You cannot be working alone especially in tasks and systems like Business Intelligence and SQL.
SQL consulting has been an in demand career placement now as well as it is lucrative. But companies should be careful though, your server, database and your system should be put in the right hand, so choose wisely.

How to Know a Good BI and SQL Consultant

  •  Years of experience in SQL
  •  Has knowledge of business you are in
  •  A team from a good and well respected company
  • Updated with BI and SQL trends
  • Can give you readable inputs
  • Can work well in background

Benefits of Hiring the Best Consultant

  1. Help you mitigate risks in your business and analytics
  2. Help in hastening and maximizing ROI or the Return On Investment
  3. Right and effective usage of Business Intelligence in your system and business
  4. Can manage problems and give solution on time
  5. Right price for the amount of work input and done

What Your Consultant Should Know

In your evaluation of your consultant prospects there are certain things that need attention. Ask about these things during interview or these can be available in their portfolio. But knowing what you are looking for can help in the job.

  1. A consultant should be knowledgeable in BI Audit and best practices. Auditing platform should be present in your consultant choice. Audit is important especially when you want to assess your BI against current standards as well as in tracking new and possible things needed at hand.
  2. A consultant should be knowledgeable in BI implementation and knowledge transfer. This can depend on you if you want to implement it. But in case you should also look for this in the characteristics of your team consultants.
  3.  A consultant should be knowledgeable in BI and SQL Architecture and Roadmap. A good consultant will be willing to learn your business intricacies. After this, together with your consultant, you can both be planning and defining your roadmap for the business. Sounds easy but for a consultant this can be a tricky and a complicated job.
  4. A consultant should be knowledgeable in upgrading and migration. This would mean that your consultant is sufficiently packed with knowledge of being able to transfer from your current infrastructure to your next solutions path.
  5.  A consultant should be knowledgeable in performance tuning. And this should be an in-depth knowledge and troubleshooting experience manifesting for your consultants. Performance tuning can make or break the implementation of your SQL server and your BI.

Sounds elementary right? So we have put SQL and BI consulting in a capsule and in simple terms. Next stop we should or you should do is to start looking. This isn’t basketball but do try outs. Check portfolios and experiences. You will be having a hard time during your search but believe me, after that you will be singing on your way to your bank for profits. Enough said.


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Roselen is fond of writing topics about tech trends, SQL and business intelligence. She has just finished writing reviews about Microsoft SQL server consultants in Australia; she can now freely write reviews about them which would be her next blog post topic.

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