Apple Watch Is A Wrist-worn PC That Looks Like A Smart Watch

  • September 15, 2014

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée claims that the “ Watch isn’t just another iDevice, a “wearables” accessory to the Apple ecosystem. It’s a bold attempt to create a new kind of wrist-worn personal computer that looks like a smartwatch.”

Like many, Jean-Louis Gassée thought that the Watch will be an iPhone accessory with limited power that couldn’t possibly run its own apps. He was wrong.

Jean-Louis Gassée:


Kevin Lynch, the Adobe defector who now runs the Apple Watch software engineering effort, showed us that the Watch isn’t just a shrunk-down iPhone: It can stand on its own, it has introduced an entire new genre of user interface, and will have its own App Store. The reinterpreted watch crown, a side button, touch and pressure on the face, plus voice all combine to a potentially rich and unique set of ways to interact with this newest very personal computer.

As Horace Dediu, our disruption scholar, puts it:

“The Apple Watch is as much a Watch as the iPhone is a Phone.”


I also believe that Apple will do the same with their rumored full-fledge Apple TV. While the Watch will be crowned the smallest personal computer the company has ever created, the Apple TV will be their largest personal computer (in terms of display).

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