Apple vs Samsung: Here Is Why You Should Be Wary Wikipedia Entries

  • December 23, 2012

Judge Koh

Writing for Fortune,  highlighted a very suspicious entry on  Judge Lucy Koh page on  Wikipedia , which was obviously edited by a Samsung sympathizer.

According Elmer-DeWitt, the paragraph was entered at 8:07 p.m. on Friday  by a user with IP address —

[quote] It has been discussed extensively in the Technology Community whether or not Lucy Koh has been completely impartial in handling Apple vs. Samsung. She ordered several preliminary injunctions on Samsung products that were later overturned by other federal agencies or were found to have not infringed on Apples Patents. [15] In addition, her refusal to allow Samsung to submit case changing evidence raises red flags. [16][17] The investigation of the role of Jury Foreman Velvin Hogan in the verdict also leads to questions of Koh’s impartiality. [18] Samsung is currently appealing the trial in the Federal Appeals Court and seeks a new trial.[/quote]

With entries like the one above, I can see why my tutor at the University would not accept any references from Wikipedia due to the lack of credibility.  However, in Wikipedia’s defense, “the new paragraph had been tagged as “possible vandalism” by an Apple partisan and removed — links and all — from Koh’s Wikipedia page,” according to Elmer-DeWitt.

In his piece, Elmer-DeWitt also mentioned an article I’ve also read regarding Forbes interview with Groklaw’s Pamela Jones, whose anti-Apple stance is extremely biased to say the least.

Here is a snippet of what she had to say about the Apple vs Samsung patent war:

[quote]  But stop and think about why Google decided to do Android.  It was, they said, to make sure one or two players couldn’t monopolize the smartphone market. They were foresighted enough to see that danger. So they built Android, which is built on the Linux kernel, with the specific goal of providing a more open alternative.  Of course Groklaw would care about that.

The attacks both Apple and Microsoft (with Nokia and MOSAID – a patent licensing company) are making on Android convince me that Google indeed interfered with that very plan or hope of a monopoly or duopoly, and they are using a monopolist-friendly tool, patents, to try to kill off or seriously hobble Android (the hobbling is associated with getting royalties from Android).

I came to the working theory that this is a coordinated strategy when I looked at the arguments in the FRAND lawsuits  where both Microsoft and Apple separately followed the same M.O. And if you look at the smartphone wars, Android is the chief victim.   I don’t think that can be a coincidence, personally.[/quote]

Here is the thing Pamela Jones, Google may have created Android to stop a duopoly, but you neglect to mention that by creating Android, Google is creating a monopoly in Search.

Conveniently, you have also forgotten to mention that Google has stole intellectual properties of both of the companies and give it away to competitors for free.

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