Apple Products Got 601 Million Mentions Through Social Channels Last Year

According to a new report from Market Wired, Apple has been the most talked about brand in the past year with over 601 millions mentions through social channels in the past year.

Apple got the world talking 30 years ago with their famous ‘1984’ Macintosh commercial during the Super Bowl. And based on the results from this study, people still have a lot to say about the company today.

The study found that Apple’s products (including different Macs and Mac books, iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs) got  mentioned in 7,553,610 blog posts, 6,669,396 online news articles, 25,966575  forum postings and in an incredible 561,293,760 tweets. No other brand has come close to replicating this level popularity the report said. Amazingly, if you break it down, Apple products got mentioned at a rate of 63,900 tweets per hour throughout the last year.

Other interesting stats from the study include:

  • Women are more likely to talk about Apple products on Twitter than men.
  • Women talked more about hardware, while men focused on software.
  • There was a large spike in mentions (almost 5 million) on September 18, 2013 – the day the new iPhones were announced.
  • The United States mentioned Apple products the most and accounted for 30% of all mentions, next is China with 18.9% of the conversation.

The reports also highlighted that Apple’s softwares were also very popular with the media:

[su_quote]But Apple’s hype machine doesn’t stop at hardware. They also make some of the most used software in the world. Software like their operating systems that power their hardware like OSX, Mavricks and iOS. Then there’s also software like iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band and Safari. While the hardware Apple makes gets a lot of attention, it’s not like their software gets forgotten. A search for mentions of their software over the past year also reveals quite a lot of conversations too. The number of Apple software mentions tops 118 million mentions in the past year. We found 3,178,870 blog pos, 2,927,132 online news articles, 6,106,326 forum postings and 106,086,168 tweets about these pieces of software.[/su_quote]


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