Apple Looking For iOS Frameworks Engineer To Work On iOS 7 and Software Engineer for Apple TV

iOS 7

Apple is looking for an iOS Frameworks QA Engineer, according to a new job vacancy posted on their website today. This clearly indicates that things are getting underway for the launch of iOS 7 at WWDC this summer.  The job posting shows that the next generation of the iOS systems will contain new APIs and frameworks.

According to the job description:

[quote] Responsibilities in this position will include developing and maintaining a set of iOS test apps for new and existing APIs in the public iOS SDK. A significant amount of time will be spent working on feature bring-up for new APIs before they are released to developers. This includes developing the very first apps to support new APIs/frameworks in the iOS SDK, as well as developing some of the accompanying web services, tools and test data sets needed to ensure that the features work end-to-end for developers.[/quote]

Of course, there is not entirely surprising, Apple has always introduced new APIs and frameworks in previous major iOS updates. However, it’s still nice to get solid confirmation that iOS 7 will be no different.

In another job vacancy bulletin, posted on January 9, 2013, Apple is looking to hire a Software Engineer – Apple TV.

Apple wants someone that has the following experience:

  • – 2 to 6+ years experience in commercial grade software development
  • – Strong C/Objective C skills
  • – Significant Object Oriented Design and Development experience
  • – Ability to deliver solid work on tight schedules.
  • – Must be self directed, analytical, and work well in a team environment.
  • – Highly motivated self starter
  • Significant experience in one or more of the following highly preferred:
  • – Objective C
  • – Digital Media Applications development
  • – Mac OS-X, iOS, or Unix/Linux/BSD development experience
  • – QuickTime or other Media Frameworks
  • – Graphics Frameworks
  • – Networking technologies, and client / server application development

In addition, “the individual must be self motivated, an excellent problem solver and a fast learner.. The candidate will work with talented engineers in a fast pace, technically demanding environment to deliver new features.”

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