Apple Forbids Distributors From Using Words Like “Jailbreak’’, “Stolen”, “Broken’’ and “Crushed” in Ads

  • September 23, 2013


According to a new report from Fairfax Media  (via SMH), Apple’s controlling nature extends to the type of content distributors of Apple products can use when advertising their products.

“Apple has a set of  guidelines cover promotional requirements in all media platforms, from digital to print, and dictate that all advertising must be approved in advance,” the report said.

The guideline is reportedly a dozen pages and provides distributors with detailed explanation and examples of what they can and cannot do.

Apple banned the use of the following words in front of the iPhone: ”a”, ”the”, ”new” or ”newest”. They also forbid the use of perceived “negative” words such as ”second hand”, ”YouTube”, and ”Tim Cook [Apple’s CEO]”, ”jailbreak”, ”stolen”, ”broken”, ”crushed” and ”hacked”.


”It is fair to say Apple runs a very tight ship, and while it is unusual for a supplier to have so much control over the way we do business, you have to admire the results they get,” a Telco executive, who declined to be named, told Fairfax Media. ”They are consistent and their brand is one of the strongest in the world.”

“For advertisements that appear in print, Apple prefers only full-page ads in big metropolitan newspapers and magazines,” Peter Cal writes for SMH. “Apple demands TV commercials run nationally during mainstream programs, more than half of which must be in prime time. The company also has rules on advertising in all digital media, including online video, online display, tablet, mobile and social media.”

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