Apple CEO Tim Cook Meets with Executives from China Telecom in China

Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a trip to China where he met with executives from China Telecom, according to a report by

It is speculated that Tim Cook’s meeting could be as a result of Apple’s declining sales in the Greater China region as indicated in the Company’s recent conference call.

Tim Cook

According to the report:

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) recently visited China, and in the lead today morning with China Telecommunications Corporation held a secret meeting with senior leadership . At present, the meeting has ended, it is not clear that the two sides met to discuss the content.

It is speculated that with the previous high-level meetings with China Telecom Cook similar, the two sides level will mainly focus on the issues discussed at the strategic level, may also be involved in co-generation iPhone and sales. Insiders pointed out that China and the Cook high-level talks with China Telecom, may mean that the new generation iPhone will likely be listed in China through China Telecom first sale.

It is understood that since Apple CEO Cook served as third visit to China since it is unclear the specific time of Cook’s visit and travel arrangements, Cook is expected to be in the next few days, respectively, in China Unicom and China Mobile executives meeting. Early January 2013 and mid-March 2012, Apple CEO Cook to the identity of the first visit to China, one after another with the Ministry of Industry executives and China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom’s top leaders met.

Tim Cook

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