Apple also Seeking ‘iWatch’ Trademark in Mexico,Taiwan and Turkey [Updated]


AppleInsider (via 9to5mac) is reporting that filings for iWatch Trademark surface in Mexico and Taiwan on June 3. This brings the total number of trademark filings around the world to five countries.

The list of the countries includes:








According to the report:

Like the Japan filing, Apple requested protection of the “iWatch” moniker in Mexico and Taiwan on June 3, just two days prior to yet another application in Russia. All requests pertain to computing hardware or, more specifically, portable computing devices.

Included in of the filing with Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property, as first discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple includes a basic graphic of the name, which reads “IWATCH” in bold block letters. Also noted in the document is Apple’s name and address at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, though the application was lodged by a local law firm.

According to a separate report by MacRumors, the Taiwan filing also bears the same graphic and notes Apple’s name and California headquarters.



Macrumors is reporting that Apple has also filed for an iWatch trademark in Turkey. This brings the number of countries that we know of to six.

According to the post:

Apple also appears to have filed for an “iWatch” trademark in Turkey through Pinar Arikan, an attorney that has worked with the company in the past. While the filing does not list Apple as the applicant, it was filed on the same June 3 date.


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