Android Open Nature Has A Price; It Starts At $29

  • September 26, 2013 has reviewed the Norton Mobile Security 3.6 (for Android) suite and has given it a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5.

According to the review:


  • Top tier malware protection. Works with Norton 360. Integrated privacy warnings. Full slate of anti-theft tools. SMS commands. Call and SMS blocking.


  • Doesn’t wipe all your info. Doesn’t automatically screen unknown phone numbers. Iffy lockscreen. Expensive.


  • Perfect for Norton 360 users, but too pricey for everyone else, Norton Security antivirus needs a tighter user interface, more robust anti-theft options, and a lower price tag to go along with its great malware detection scores.

I always thought it was very disingenuous of Android users to point to Apple’s closed nature or Wall Garden approached as a weakness of the operating system and not point out the benefits of such approach.  When the truth of the matter is – Apple’s approach is to provide users with the best user experience possible. This extends to users not having to worry about whether their antivirus softwares are out of date or the best one to get. This was a prominent feature of the PC era, it has no place in the Post – PC era.

This is not to say iOS would never have malware issues, it just wouldn’t get to the level of Android’s for two main reasons:

  1. Apple is not the  most popular mobile operating system.
  2. The “wall garden” approach makes it’s difficult for would be attackers to gain access to your sensitive information.

For those interested, the Norton Mobile Security 3.6 (for Android) starts at $29. I’m sure there are free antivirus softwares available on the Google Play Store for the price conscious.

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