AllThingsD: Apple Wins $30 Million iPad Contract From L.A. Unified School District


AllthingsD is reporting that Apple has won a major contract with L.A. Unified School District for iPads. The deal is worth $30 million, according to the report.

“On Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) awarded Apple a $30 million contract to provide its students with iPads,” John Paczkowski writes for AllthingsD. “The deal, which was approved in a 6-0 vote by the district’s school board, will see Apple supplying about 35,000 iPads to 47 LAUSD schools at a cost of about $678 per device. That’s higher than retail, but I’m told the devices are to be preloaded with an assortment of educational software prior to distribution — an additional expense.”

According to the report, Apple has hit this jackpot with this new deal.

The deal is a huge win for Apple. LAUSD is the nation’s second-largest school system, and its decision to award this contract to Apple, and Apple alone, is a hell of an endorsement, Paczkowski explains.

The battle for tablet PC supremacy  in the education sector  heating up between Microsoft and Apple. Yesterday, AllthingsD, reported that Microsoft has announced a new promotion which will see  price of the 32 gigabyte Surface RT in half for any school that purchases the tablet between June 17 and Aug. 31, 2013.

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