7 of the Best iPhone Apps that Let You Call for Free

7 of the Best iPhone Apps that Let You Call for Free

Nowadays, there are iPhone apps for everything, and they undoubtedly make peoples’ lives very easy. These apps will definitely make any individual run the shoes with effortless ease. Some of these apps are ideal for the users who access the social networking sites while the others work great for the music lovers. With more than half a million apps available to download from App Store, getting the best iPhone app which will let you call for free can be quite a challenging task. So let us make this easy. This write up will discuss about some of the highest rated as well as most downloaded apps from Apple App Store that can people call for free. Read on to know more on this.


In popularity this kind of app has taken off thus making more and more people to join their service daily. With TalkBox, a person can essentially push the button to communicate to his or her buddies in real time, sort like a voice SMS. This type of app works flawlessly and you’re less likely to encounter any problems while using it. Other features that this app carries along include; click photo transfer, group chat, conversation history and sharing audio on Facebook.



Vonage for Facebook
In VoIP space, Vonage is one of the leading names. However, this type of app is usually different from the others. For instance, it is free and normally allows people to call their Facebook friends for absolutely free. Basically, your friends require having the app installed. Once it is installed, you can call them at any time of the day or night for free. With this type of app, the quality of call is superb. In its design, the app is usually super simplistic and it enables a seamless and intuitive experience for the users.


Nimbuzz is among the main players in the cross platform IM apps. This type of app enables people to call the other Nimbuzz users for absolutely free of charge. Some of the many advantages that this type of app has are; it’s truly cross platform and it is normally available worldwide on every smartphone platform.


This app makes to the list of the top rated iPhone apps since it not only allows its users to make calls for free, but it as well integrates with the users phone books. This means that users do not necessarily have to sign up for viber service.


NetTalk normally allows its users to call all the landlines in Canada and the U.S for free. The call quality of this app is excellent and it is designed well thus requiring pretty much no set up on part of the users.



This app enables its users to make video calls to their Gtalk friends. With this app, you can even call your Gmail friends whether they are on a mobile phone or on a PC. The app normally works perfectly since it is well designed.
With Vtok, you can chat with it and still switch on the camera, both back and front.


Skype has got approximately half a billion active users. It is the king of VoIP both desktop and mobile. This app also as well supports video. The good thing with this app is that both the video and sound quality is very superior.

Last but not the least; these are some of the top rated apps that you should have since they will allow you to call for absolutely free.


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