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Foss Patents is reporting that US Judge Lucy Koh has handed down a summary judgement late on Tuesday 24, declaring that Samsung‘s Android-based devices have infringed an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid. This judgement is in relation to the second Apple v. Samsung multi-patent trial in the Northern District of California scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014. Judge Koh denied a couple of other summary judgment requests by Apple and the entirety of Samsung’s related motion, leaving those issues to a federal jury, the reportRead More
 Judge Koh Awards Apple 600 Million in Damages; Order New Trial for Some Products (Apple vs Samsung) – Judge Koh stated that the jury’s decision was based on impermissible legal theories. Judge Koh Awards Apple 600 Million in Damages; Order New Trial for Some Products (Apple vs Samsung) After many months of deliberating Judge Koh has finally issued her ruling in the Apple vs Samsung case. From the looks of things, Judge Koh decided to partially grant each camp their wish. She awarded Apple US$600 million in damages, while granting SamsungRead More
  In one of two rulings on Monday, Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple’s request for a permanent injunction against several Samsung’s devices from sale in the U.S. The devices in question were found to have infringed several of Apple’s patents last summer. However, Judge Koh felt that the features being infringed did not justify an injunction. “The phones at issue in this case contain a broad range of features, only a small fraction of which are covered by Apple’s patents,” Koh wrote. “Though Apple does have some interest inRead More
  Judge Lucy Koh handed down two ruling on Monday in relation to the Apple vs Samsung case in which Apple won $1 billion in damages from the jury. In one of two rulings, Judge Koh denied Samsung’s request for the dismissal of the verdict Apple won and order a new trial based on the misconduct on the jury foreman. Samsung had filed a motion requesting a retrial based on the jury foreman’s failure to declare previous lawsuit with Seagate Technology, which led to his filing for personal bankruptcy in 1993. Samsung allegedRead More

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Apple vs Samsung: Judge Koh’s Ruling Coming Soon

Apple and Samsung went to court on 6th December to argued their case in-front of Judege Lucy Koh. Apple is seeking to have the jury verdict in August upheld with additional damages awarded. On the other hand Samsung is seeking to have a retrial. Judge Lucy Koh has carefully listened to both parties argument and has promised to give her ruling in the coming weeks. According to  Reuters: [quote] Koh began by questioning the basis for some of the damages awarded by the jury, putting Apple’s lawyers on the defensive. “IRead More
  According to a new report from FossPatent, Samsung and other Android vendors are in for some great news. The USPTO have tentatively invalidated Apple’s ‘rubber-banding’ patent – U.S. Patent No, 7,469,381. Here is what FossPatent had to say about the report: Claim 19 appears on the “Rejection A” and “Rejection D” lists. Both kinds of rejections are for lack of novelty, not just obviousness (which is what “Rejection B”, which does not relate to Claim 19, is about). This means that Apple would have to convince the patent office (or, possibly, the appeals court)Read More
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Apple vs Samsung: Apple Said There Is No Need For A Retrial

  Apple strikes back Apple has hit back at Samsung’s claims that the recent concluded trial between the two tech giants was a mistrial. In Samsung’s filing, the legal team attacked the  Jury foreman Velvin Hogan Here are are few things Samsung took issue with form the trial: Samsung felt the Jury foreman Velvin Hogan did not disclose his involvement in lawsuits with his former employer – Seagate, which led to his filing for personal bankruptcy in 1993. Samsung argues that the jury foreman’s failure to disclose previous litigation with Seagate Technology, a companyRead More
    Recently Apple was given a setback by Judge Koh, she schedule their request for injunctive relief against Samsung’s infringing devices until 6th December. According to FossPatent, Apple is requesting an earlier hearing. This is in light of the fact that Samsung’s request for lifting the injunction on their Galaxy Tabs 10.1 is shedule for a much earlier date, 20th September. Mueller writes, “At close of business on Thursday, Apple filed a request for permission to bring a motion for reconsideration of Judge Koh’s scheduling decisions relating to certainRead More

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Apple vs Samsung: Judge orders lawyers to meet on today

   It’s has been a very eventful so far between the two tech giants. The squabbling between the two legal teams appear to be testing Jude Lucy Koh’s patient. Today she has ordered the lead counsels from both parties to meet and trash things out. FossPatent reporting on the Order had the to say: This order is the court’s reaction to statements Apple and Samsung filed late on Friday evening. Apple claimed that “although [it] has tried diligently to advance the process, Samsung has stymied those efforts”, and asked theRead More
Just yesterday we reported that Apple has asked for an emergency sanction against Samsung for leaking inadmissible evidence to the press. It is now clear what Apple want this sanction to be. Apple wants Judge Koh to rule in their favour with regards to the design patent claims. Mueller of FossPatent reports: Apple argues that monetary sanctions are not enough for such an attempt to influence the jury and apparently didn’t deter Samsung’s conduct before: the Korean electronics giant has already been sanctioned four times in this litigation, most recentlyRead More

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Apple: Samsung should be sanction immediately

The 'billion dollars' trial is now in full swing and as usually the proceeding is full of drama. On Tuesday Samsung sent excluded evidences to various news outlet for publication. This obviously did not go down well with Judge Koh. She asked Samsung's legal team to explained their behaviour.Read More
It’s not long now before Samsung and Apple patent case goes on trial (ten days to be exact), however this did not stop Samsung from trying to seek a late advantage. According to FossPatent: Samsung had asked the court to interpret two disputed terms: one each from the “overscroll bounce” ‘381 patent (yesterday I attended a Munich trial over that patent) and the “tap to zoom and navigate” ‘163 patent. Apple asserts claim 19 of the “overscroll bounce” (or “rubber-banding”) patent. Samsung asked for construction of the term “electronic document” and proposed to define the termRead More