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Which of these is the Real Low Cost iPhone?

Which of these is the Real Low Cost iPhone?

The Real Low Cost iPhone

Before you start screaming NONE to the question above. It’s important to note the rumors of a low cost/cheaper iPhone from Apple were published by many reputable websites, Reuters included.

On June 13, Clare Jim, Reiji Murai and Poornima Gupta reported the following for Reuters: “Apple Inc is exploring launching iPhones with bigger screens, as well as cheaper models in a range of colours, over the next year, said four people with knowledge of the matter, as it takes a cue from rival Samsung Electronics.”

There have been several leaks of the purported cheaper iPhone from many sources, especially from Asia. However, Techdy has recently stolen the spotlight with high resolution images of the purported Low – Cost iPhone, which garner much publicity. Conveniently, the blog was also pushing their own Android smartphone at the same time. Result!

On the other hand, we had @BenjaminTech from Tech Sina claiming that his photo of the Low Cost iPhone is the real deal.

iPhone LC

So, which one gets your vote?

My money is on @BenjaminTech

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