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WSJ: Broadcom Readying Its First LTE Chip


Ina Fried of AllThingsD, is reporting that Broadcom is set to launch a new their first LTE Chip, which would be smaller than what is currently on the market. Qualcomm is currently dominant LTE Chips maker in the industry.

Ina Fried:

[quote] After being stuck in 3G land for a while now, Broadcom said it is getting closer to having a modem chip that supports faster LTE networks.

The chip, which it is sampling now and is set for volume production next year, is said to be a third smaller than many rival chips, while supporting all the key standards and technologies. Among its features is support for voice calls over LTE, as well as a feature to bond together different frequencies that a carrier has into one faster pipeline onto the Internet.[/quote]

According to the report, Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor said in an interview believes the company is on to a winner.

“Other people have announced some chips that maybe nibble away at the low end of the market,” McGregor said.“The real goal here is to create a product that really is a world chip for the flagship smartphones and tablets.”

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