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Sharp to Launch Products with IGZO Display Technology in 2013

sharp IGZO display

Sharp Electonics revealed plans to ship products with their IGZO display technology to the market in 2013 at CES today.

According to Mashable, IGZO, which stands for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide,will offer the following benefits over traditional LCD displays:

  • It can support super-high resolutions. At CES, Sharp is demonstrating a new 32-inch 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (roughly 4x by 2x standard HD) touch-screen business monitor.
  • The ultra-low-power display technology can actually maintain a screen image after it’s been powered down. Sharp did not state how long the image would last.
  • The new display technology also, Sharp says, lowers screen noise/interference introduced by touch technology.



Sharp is partnering with Corning Glass to create innovative finished displays for products with 4-to-32 inches diagonal display screens. The IGZO display technology will enable the two companies to produce displays that are thinner than what is currently on the market.

Last year it was widely speculated that Apple will be using the new display technology in their iPad 3 (New iPad), however this did not materialise due to low yield during the manufacturing process. Hopefully, this IGZO display technology will find itself in Apple products in 2013.

Source: Mashable

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