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Rumor: Apple Testing Innolux’s Touch on Display Technology for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 front panel
China Times that Apple is looking to procure touch panels from  Innolux Corporation in response to the low yield of the current iPhone 5 touch-panel, which are caused by the new in-cell technology.  The touch function problems of the iPhone 5 is mainly attributed to  the embedded TFT touch panel and touch sensors residing on the same side, resulting in some interference.

Consequently, Apple has asked Innolux Corporation, developers of TOD (Touch On Display) outside embedded (on cell) touch panel, to send their panels for certification.

“Although the LGD, JDI and Sharp panel vendor yield has been elevated to the level of 80%, the touch interference problem is still unsolved, therefore Apple is considering the use of other touch technologies,”  Yuan Hao Ting writes for China Times.

Innolux’s 4.5 generation line in Zhunan, Taiwan, has been converted into a touch panel production line. Half of the production capacity at one of its 5th generation lines has also been used to produce touch panels. In addition, two new 4.5G touch panel plants in Zhunan will be launched, according to the article.

“Innolux Touch on Display  touch-panel combines the advantages of thin and tough, as compared with a traditional touch design,” Yuan Hao Ting reports. “Innolux’s touch panel thickness is only 0.5 mm compared to other Capacitive Touch the control panel is designed to achieve better optical performance, and can do a 10-point full-featured multi-touch, good sensitivity.”

Source ChineseChina Times

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