BlackBerry Mulling Exit of South Korean Smartphone Market According to Yonhap, a South Korean news website, BlackBerry (formerly RIM) is contemplating leaving the South Korea market. “BlackBerry, a Canadian smartphone maker, may pull out of the South Korean market in the first half of this year due to sluggish sales,” the report states. If this turns out to be the case, this will be the second Asian smartphone market Blackberry will be existing this year. Recently, Blackberry announced that they will not be launching their Blackberry Z10 flagship smartphone in Japan. At the time, Amy McDowell,Read More

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A roundup of Apple lawsuits in January 2013

A roundup of Apple lawsuits in January 2013 Technology Tell: Apple lawsuits for the month of January 2013 had the ever present patent lawsuits and many rulings in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Apple’s false advertising claim it brought against Amazon’s App Store has been dismissed, with the judge citing lack of proof of confusion as the reason for the dismissal. The California Supreme Court decided that Apple and other online retailers didn’t break California law by asking people to provide their address and phone number before they used credit cards to make payments.Read More

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Counterpoint TMR: Samsung is the Toyota of Mobile Era

This is a very interesting article by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, describing the rise and rise of Samsung in the mobile devices market at the expense of past giants such as Nokia and RIM. According to the article: [quote] Samsung’s success is based on nothing else than an extreme focus on execution. Samsung is the most prevalent example of how you can turn from a fast-follower into a first-mover. Yes, let’s face it. By taking over the lead from the dinosaur Nokia, Samsung has effectively made itself not only theRead More
I’ve came across a very interesting article on Quartz blog featuring a few quotes from  Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreesen. According to the post, during his interview at a recent Quartz event in New York City posited that Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have different strategies when it comes to running Apple. Here are some of the key points Marc Andreesen made in his interview: The Apple playbook under Steve Jobs was a single playbook. He would invent a new product category, start with 100% market share, and then every dayRead More
According to John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, “Microsoft is being coy about revealing Surface sales data, it may be for good reason. Early demand for the company’s first tablet is lousy,” writes John Paczkowski of AllThingsD. “How lousy? Put it this way — if Microsoft really did manufacture three million to five million Surface tablets to sell in the fourth quarter, it’s going to have between two million and four million left over at quarter’s end.” Paczkowski was commenting on a research note released by Detwiler Fenton, a Boston-based brokerage firm. According to Detwiler Fenton, “Lack of distribution isRead More
  comScore Reports October 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share According to data from the comScore MobiLens, the US are slowly but surely changing their dumbphones for a smartphone. And Apple and Samsung appear to be reaping the benefit of this.  The report highlighted  key trends in the U.S. mobile phone market during the three month average period ending October 2012. The study surveyed over 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers. The report shows that for the fist time, Apple has ranked second in the Top mobile OEMs table with 17.8 percent, overtaking LG in the process. From the report: [quote]Read More

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Barclays Bought 8,500 Apple iPads For Its Employees

  Apple’s move into enterprise continues unabated. Despite the imminent launch of Blackberry 10, it companies are pushing ahead with their adaptation of Apple’s mobile devices. Eariler this week Bloomberg reported that, “the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates plane accidents, disclosed its plan to switch to Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5 in a document posted last week to a federal website. The BlackBerrys have been “failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate.” RIM’s CEO Heins defended his company’s product by stating, “Many of these devices sit on BlackBerry 5 orRead More

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Apple’s Apology, That Is Not Really An Apology

Apple, having lost its case against Samsung over allegation of copying its iPad in the UK was ordered to print an apology. The Cupertino company  issued an apology, well a statement that was meant to be an apology in this case. Apple has taken the opportunity to highlight that even-though the UK court decided that the Korean company did not copy the iPad with their Galaxy Tabs, other courts around the world found that they wilfully infringed Apple’s patents. The company was also quick to quote from the initial resulting inRead More

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RIM Reveals More About BlackBerry 10

  RIM reveals more BlackBerry 10 features After suffering at the hands of Apple and Google, RIM has shown that world today that there are not giving up without a fight. The company hosted a BlackBerry® Jam event in California, where they show case some of the upcoming features in the BlackBerry 10 operation system. Developers were given access to the “Beta 3 SDK” of BlackBerry 10. Some of the key features of the new operating system include: Waking the device from sleep mode by swiping up from the bottom of theRead More

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Apple Has Nothing to Fear

  Apple has nothing to fear In my last piece, I focused the weaknesses and threats to Apple’s business in the future. I identified Samsung as they commpany to watch. In this article I would like to look at Apple’s strengths and what opportunities are out there to ensure the Cupertino company remains successful. We all know Apple’s turbulent history, so I’m not going to waste my time going over that. I’m going to focus on Apple 2.0.   The Return of the King.   On his return Steve JobsRead More

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Tech News Roundup: Apple, Amazon

Amazon Tablets to Support Ads   Conflicting reports surfaced Friday as to whether the upgraded Kindle Fire and the three members of the all-new Kindle Fire HD family would have advertisement opt-out capabilities found in earlier Kindle Fires. An Amazon spokesperson has confirmed to TechRadar that none of the new models will have ad opt-out options. “No opt-out for Kindle Fire,” the spokesperson said, later clarifying that to mean both the upgraded Kindle Fire and all Kindle Fire HDs. Instead, those who buy the revamped Kindle Fire, the 7- or 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDRead More

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RIM: Carriers Excited About BlackBerry 10

    [box] The response that we got back from the executive team at some of the Canadian carriers was tremendous,” Andrew McLeod, managing director of RIM’s Canadian operations, told reporters during a Thursday media briefing. “They were visibly positive and visibly enthusiastic. We’re in the process of finalizing the software,” McLeod said. “It was at a point where we had a confidence level that we could really demonstrate the validity of the products and software. Obviously, you don’t want to show something that is not going to wow folks. People wereRead More