Reuters is reporting that Apple has invited a large number of top fashion editors and bloggers to their special event on September 9. According to the report, several fashion media editors said they received invitations for the first time to an annual September product-launch. This is one of the best indication yet that the company is likely to announce their rumored smartwatch device dubbed – “iWatch” by the media. “I assume it’s because they are unveiling a wearable,” Lea Goldman, features and special projects director for Marie Claire magazine, a first-time invitee toldRead More
The Wall Stree Journal is reporting that Apple’s iWatch will feature a curved OLED display and NFC to support their new mobile payment platform. Additionally, the device will come in two sizes and include sensors to monitor users health and fitness. Wall Street Journal: Apple is widely expected to unveil the device next week, however, it would not be avaiable to the public until next year. SourceRead More
In a well written piece titled – Security Trade-Offs, John Gruber eloquently explains the issue surrounding the recent theft of nude celebrities photos by hackers from their iCloud account. An act which I found absolutely disgusting by the way, irrespective of whether these people had weak passwords. Here’s Gruber take (in rebuttal to David Auerbach’s piece for the Slate): This is the most sensible article on this issue I’ve read so far.Read More
In an article profiling the wearable industry, the New York Times is reporting that Apple’s design guru – Jony Ive is very bullish on the prospective of his company upcoming wearable device dubbed the “iWatch“. A designer currently working for the company told the publication  that the iWatch will spell “trouble” for Switzerland on its released, according to Jony Ive. Here’s the quote from the piece: With Apple’s track record of disrupting industries, it will be a bold move to bet against the company doing the same in the wearable market. TheRead More
Renowned designer Martin Hajek has posted new awesome renders of their iPhone 6 and the rumored iWatch. The renders feature a gold iPhone 6 and an equally stunning gold iWatch to go with it. Apple will surely sell a lot of these if they look anything like this. Martin Hajek vision of what Apple’s upcoming products should look like: More hereRead More
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According to a new report from Digitimes, Apple iWatch wouldn’t be available until 2015. This supports an earlier report from Re/code which warns potential buyers that the iWatch is “not shipping anytime soon.” But while the Re/code report predicts that the iWatch will be unveil on Spetember 9, Digitimes is reporting that this is unlikely to happen. Digitimes claims that the device is still under engineering verification testing (EVT) stage and has to still go through production verification testing (PVT). Additionally,  the report pointed out that a product will need to first pass theRead More
Check out this high quality video from Russia-based YouTuber Rozetked (via 9to5 Mac) comparing the phone 5s with the iPhone 6 (front display and rear shell). This new video is simile to one posted by Feld & Volk a few days back. The video compares the alleged silver iPhone 6, built using leaked component supposedly from Asia, to the current iPhone 5s. The new video supports previous rumours about the design of the iPhone 6, including the controversial antenna bands. Read moreRead More
Apple is widely expected to join the mobile payment revolution with the release of the iPhone 6. The next generation iPhone is expected to feature Near Field Communication for the first time, a technology that has been present in competitors smartphone for nearly two years. Nevertheless, Apple is expected to kick start the mobile payment industry and succeed where others have failed, according to Quartz’s Dan Frommer. According to Dan Frommer, Apple has the critical mass, cachet and trust, the right business model and timing on their side. Dan Frommer: Read moreRead More
With the big day scheduled for September, leaks of the iPhone 6 parts are coming thick and fast. One company claimed to have enough iPhone 6 parts to build a working prototype of the device. Today, French tech blog – has published more images of the purported rear shell of the iPhone 6. And for many of us, the unsightly antenna bands on the shell of the device is still there. It’s hard to believe Jony Ive and Co. will actually sign off something that looks like this, butRead More
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Feld & Volk (via MacRumor) has published a new purported video of the first working iPhone 6 built from leaked part. The video shows the device booting to a blacking screen and requesting that the user connect to iTunes. “Feld & Volk says it has been able to piece together this iPhone from various components it has obtained as part of its effort to build its own luxury version of the iPhone 6 for its customers, and remarkably enough, the device is at least capable of turning on,” Eric Slivka reportsRead More