According to a new survey from 451 Research, Apple next-generation “iPhone 6” is generating an unprecedented level of consumer interest.  “This is the highest level of demand for an unannounced Apple model in a ChangeWave survey – stronger than we’ve seen in previous years for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 models prior to their announcements,” said Andy Golub of 451 Research. “Speculation over a larger screen iPhone is clearly striking a chord with consumers.” This increase in interest is the iPhone 6 is largely attributed to the rumor that it willRead More
KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors that the new Apple TV will play a “key role” in Apple’s highly connected ecosystem. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that consumers can expect the new Apple TV to feature an integrate motion control technology to allow users to easily interact with the device without the need for a physical remote – this is made possible by Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense and Apple TV App Store. On the rumored of a full-fledge iTV, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple won’t enter this space until they have a solid Apple TV ecosystem upRead More
A new image courtesy of Weibo user - ZMERIC  (via BGR) shows the Home Screen of the iPhone 6 running what appears to be iOS 8. There are 5 app icons in each row on the Home Screen in the image which indicates that the width of the next-generation iPhone will be larger than that of the iPhone5s. Additionally, the Home Screen features new apps such as iTunes Radio, Healthbook, CarPlay and Watch Utility. Apple is reportedly working on a smartwatch device, commonly referred to as the iWatch by the media. The Healthbook andRead More
Apple vs Samsung
During the fifth day of the latest trial between Apple and Samsung, Apple’s damages expert Christopher Vellturo, an economist, explains to the jury why Apple is entitled to $2.2 billion in damages from Samsung for infringing on five of theirr patents. Christopher Vellturo told the court that during the period of infringement, the smartphone market was “in a profound state of change and growth because so many people are coming in and buying phones,” hence the hefty price. “Apple’s main rival (Samsung) stood to benefit the most from any infringement that cut into iPhone and iPadRead More
According to a new report from Digitimes, three Flexible PCB suppliers Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology have reportedly delivered samples of flexible circuit boards that will be integrated into the iWatch for approval. Apple rumored iWatch is expected to be unveil in September, the report said. “Zhen Ding is currently the largest FPCB supplier for Apple and plans to invest over US$100 million to further ramp up its production capacity in 2014 due in part to increasing FPCB demand from Apple for production of its large-size iPhones and iPad products,” Patty Wang andRead More
Rumors of Apple iWatch are hitting fever pitch suggesting that the rumored smartwatch is likely to be unveiled soon. First up we have a new report from the ever reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who told investors that the iWatch will feature a 2-inch square sapphire display and Touch ID. Additonally, the device will reportedly come with a number of sensors to monitor motion, sleep, temperature and much more. The most interesting revelation is that of the 2-inch square sapphire display. Past reports suggested that the iWatch will feature a curved rectangular display similarRead More
9to5 mac is reporting that they have new information on Apple upcoming software updates for their iDevices and Macs. According to the report, the killer feature in iOS 8 (Codenamed: Okemo) will be the Healthbook app.  “The most significant new application that Apple is currently planning to add in iOS 8 is codenamed Healthbook,” Mark Gurman writes for 9to5 mac. “Healthbook is an application that aggregates health and fitness data from various applications and hardware accessories. The application is akin to Passbook in terms of user-interface design, and users will be able to customizeRead More
The second trial between Apple and Samsung is giving the public new insight as to the goings-on at both companies. Recode has published internal documents  from Apple which shows the Cupertino-based company is concern about following iPhone growth rate despite putting brave face in public.  One chart states:  “Customers want what we don’t have,” cheap and larger smartphones. Apple Fy 14 Planning Here we also have a copy of internal documents showing how Samsung when about copying the “Slide to Unlock” feature on the iPhone: Samsung UX SourceRead More
Steve Jobs 4
The iPhone 5c has been touted as the biggest flop in Tim Cook’s short reign as CEO, this is assuming that one believes that the iPhone 5c was all Tim Cook’s idea. However, an email from Steve Jobs, revealed by Samsung’s legal team, highlights that Apple former CEO Steve Jobs was very much in favour of this idea. The email from 2010 shows that Steve Jobs wanted his company to build a “low cost” iPhone based on the iPod Touch. Steve Jobs: “create low cost iPhone model based on iPod touch to replaceRead More
Samsung’s legal time has published an email which illustrated that Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was concern about their client’s marketing prowess. Schiller wrote this in an email: “We have a lot of work to do to turn this around..” This was in response to an article by the Wall Street Journal, which states: The campaign (Samsung’s) swayed consumers including Will Hernandez, an Apple iPhone owner who bought a Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone about three months ago after seeing Samsung’s ads. “If you see this stuff on TVRead More