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Posted On September 1, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

High Quaity Video Comparing iPhone 5s With Phone 6

Check out this high quality video from Russia-based YouTuber Rozetked (via 9to5 Mac) comparing the phone 5s with the iPhone 6 (front display and rear shell). This new video is simile to one posted by Feld & Volk a few days back. The video compares the alleged silver iPhone 6, built using leaked component supposedly from Asia, to the current iPhone 5s. The new video supports previous rumours about the design of the iPhone 6, including the controversial antenna bands. Read moreRead More
Apple is widely expected to join the mobile payment revolution with the release of the iPhone 6. The next generation iPhone is expected to feature Near Field Communication for the first time, a technology that has been present in competitors smartphone for nearly two years. Nevertheless, Apple is expected to kick start the mobile payment industry and succeed where others have failed, according to Quartz’s Dan Frommer. According to Dan Frommer, Apple has the critical mass, cachet and trust, the right business model and timing on their side. Dan Frommer: Read moreRead More
With the big day scheduled for September, leaks of the iPhone 6 parts are coming thick and fast. One company claimed to have enough iPhone 6 parts to build a working prototype of the device. Today, French tech blog – has published more images of the purported rear shell of the iPhone 6. And for many of us, the unsightly antenna bands on the shell of the device is still there. It’s hard to believe Jony Ive and Co. will actually sign off something that looks like this, butRead More
iPhone 6 hands on

Posted On August 29, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

New Purported Video Of The First Working iPhone 6

Feld & Volk (via MacRumor) has published a new purported video of the first working iPhone 6 built from leaked part. The video shows the device booting to a blacking screen and requesting that the user connect to iTunes. “Feld & Volk says it has been able to piece together this iPhone from various components it has obtained as part of its effort to build its own luxury version of the iPhone 6 for its customers, and remarkably enough, the device is at least capable of turning on,” Eric Slivka reportsRead More
Apple’s iWallet mobile payment system has been in the making for a number years and according the latest report from Wired, Apple is set to their mobile payment platform with the iPhone 6. Apple has purposely avoided jumping on the Near Field Communication (NFC) bandwagon preferring to wait for the technology to mature. According to Wired: I believe that the use of NFC in for mobile payment in the iPhone 6 will be in addition to other solution such as iBeacon which will spearhead the mobile payment revolution. Update: Now John GruberRead More
iWatch  Goliath 4
Re/code is now claiming that not only is Apple set to unveil new iPhones on September 9, the company is about unveil their long rumored iWatch device. According to the report, the device will sport Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform. Looks like all the rumours of the iWatch being delayed until 2015 might just be wrong. Read moreRead More
Date-Sortie-iPhone-6-Guide-Utilisation copy
French tech blog NowhereElse has exclusively revealed a new photo of the iPhone 6 manual which appears to confirm a September 9 unveiling date. According to the report, the image was sent by a reliable source in China. From the report: Earlier this month, Re/Code exclusively reported that Apple is set to hold a special event to unveil the iPhone 6. Read moreRead More
iphone 6 pixels-per-inch.jpg

Posted On August 23, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

John Gruber’s Thoughts On The iPhone 6 Display

Prominent Apple blogger, John Gruber did the maths and came up with what he believes is the likely display resolution Apple will adopt for  upcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones. According to Gruber: Gruber stressed that his theory is based on second hand rumours and past history rather than leaks “from people familiar with the matter.” Also of note is that John Gruber’s theoretical resolution for the 4.7-inch iPhone display contradicts a recent report from 9t5Mac which suggests that 828 x 1472, 359.34 PPI is the likely resolution of the 4.7-inchRead More
Writing for Mark Hibben highlighted Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty was very optimistic that Apple’s rumored iWatch will sell well in 2015 based on her recent not to investors. According to Mark Hibbern. Huberty expects Apple to sell at least 60 million iWatches in 2015, adding $9 billion in gross profit in the process. Key highlights from the report include: Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty has predicted that Apple could sell 60 million iWatches in the first year of production. This may be optimistic, but it’s in line with growth estimates for the wearableRead More
These alleged images of the iPhone 6 shared by iPhone vendor Feld & Volk (via MacRumors) shows the device with its front display and rear shell fully assembled. According to the report, this is the closes image yet to the real thing. Feld and Volk’s images are taken from iPhone 6 parts and depicts a device that is thinner than its predecessor and features rounded corners, repositioned power button and more. Apple is widely expected to unveil the next generation iPhone at an event on September 9th. MacRumorsRead More
According to a new report from CIOTimes, a Chinese based news agency,  the main Foxconn factory located in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen is currently gearing up to ship  the first 70 to 80 million iPhone 6. Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou has reportedly made several visits to the site to ensure operation is going smoothly, the report said. The iPhone 6 is estimated to reach a total production capacity of 120 million this year, the largest shipment in the history of the iPhone ,  according to the report. Foxconn is expected to deliver at leastRead More
‘Outstanding Commercial’
Apple’s very popular and moving commercial which made its debut over the holidays last year has won at Emmy Award for the most Outstanding Commercial at the 66th Emmy Awards.  The commercial tells the story a very reserved boy spending quite a bit of time on his own during the family gathering. However, it turned out he was recording special moments of the occasion on his iPhone unknown to the others. OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL MISUNDERSTOOD Apple Park Pictures, Production Company TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Ad Agency Source via 9to5 macRead More