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Samsung in Hot Pursuit of Apple in Advertisement Spending in US with 58% Growth YoY

Ad Age Report

Samsung last year in the U.S. advertising spending hot pursuit Apple (Ad Age distribution map)

In a new report from research institutes Ad Age (via TechWeb), Apple retains the top position as the highest spender on advertisement in the US. However, Samsung is in hot pursuit – showing that the company is prepared to compete with Apple on all fronts.

Key highlights from the report:

  • Samsung’s advertising spending jumped 58 percent, totaling $ 881 million, ranked second.
  • Apple is ranked first with about $ 1 billion in advertising expenditure.
  • The advertising expenditure of the top 100 companies spending an average increase of only 2.8%, while Samsung expenditure growth rate of 58%.
  • Samsung ad spending in the U.S. market is the fifth of its global expenditure -its global advertising spending over $4.4 billion.

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