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eyeSight Powers 3D Gesture Control with a Standard Camera


eyeSight Technologies has unveil the latest gesture control solution, which can detect depth and simulate 3D tracking using only a single standard camera, without the need for additional hardware.

According to the website: eyeSight’s technology allows users to easily control various devices using simple hand and finger gestures. The company has also recently launched a single camera-based fingertip tracking solution, enabling highly detailed touch-free control of devices. eyeSight’s technology can be integrated in a variety of digital devices from mobile phones, to tablets, PCs, TVs, set-top-boxes, in-car infotainment systems, and more camera-enabled devices.

eyeSight’s technology is 100% software-based. The cost and ease of integration means eyeSight has the potential to further accelerate the penetration of software-based gesture control technology across mass-market consumer devices such as PCs, Mobile phones, Tablets and TVs. The company is already active in products across these markets,” the report explains.

“For eyeSight it’s all about delivering fresh and exciting user experiences,” eyeSight’s CEO Gideon Shmuel said. “We want to enable users to interact with their devices using natural gestures, and we believe adding such capabilities to our offering, create a new layer of intuitiveness that users want.”

eyeSight’s technology is compatible with devices such as the Lenovo Yoga Ultrabooks, AMD APUs, among others. It is currently available to download.


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