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Report: More Than Half A Million Ultra HD TVs Will Ship Worldwide In 2013


A research report from DisplaySearch (via Digitimes), more than half a million Ultra HD TVs will ship worldwide in 2013, growing to more than seven million by 2016.

The Ultra HD TV was a big at 2013 International CES, with many companies showing off their latest and greatest technology in this department, regulating 3D TV to the back seat.

According to the Digitime report:

[quote] The display industry is racing to launch more Ultra HD screen sizes and to mobilize production in larger volumes, with even OLED Ultra HD sets being demonstrated. Sony, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp are all moving forward with this technology, along with other Japan-based brands, the six leading China-based brands, and value-oriented brands such as Vizio and Funai. In addition to vertical integration by the major players, merchant panel suppliers such as AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux Corporation are working with several manufacturers on Ultra HD technology. Initial efforts in test broadcasting and standardization are also underway, said the firm.[/quote]

“The efforts throughout the supply chain for Ultra HD have begun to align,” said DisplaySearch researcher Paul Gray. “Panel makers are producing Ultra HD screen sizes ranging from 50- to 110-inch, and there is also a push to increase TV content. The availability of content is key to consumer adoption of Ultra HD TVs, and TV manufacturers are anxious to prevent any potential delays that could stall adoption, as was the case with 3D TVs.”

Gray added, “As a result, investments are beginning to ensure that Ultra HD content is readily available to consumers. Several announcements about proprietary Ultra HD streaming and download services were made at CES; however, satellite and cable services from established providers will take some time.”

Looking forward to seeing this technology in Apple’s rumored iTV.

Source: Digitimes

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