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Report: Apple Suppliers Piloting iPad Mini With Pixel Density of 324ppi


Apple Suppliers Piloting iPad Mini With Pixel Density of 324ppi

My Drivers (via BrightWire) is reporting that, “ Taiwan-based Apple suppliers said earlier Sunday that AU Optronics is piloting the production of the 7.9-inch iPad mini 2.”

According to the report the resolution of the new model iPad mini will be 2048×1536 pixels  and pixel density  324ppi – Retina Display quality.

This very interesting piece by Marco Arment went a long way in explaining why Apple withheld putting a Retina Display on the iPad mini.

According to Marco Arment:

[quote] Apple didn’t make an arbitrary decision to withhold Retina on the Mini to save money, upwell more buyers to the iPad 4, or “force” the first generation of iPad Mini owners to upgrade next year. They chose not to ship a Retina iPad Mini because it would be significantly worse than the previous iPads in very important factors.Imagine the fallout if a Retina Mini shipped with only three hours of battery life, or was inelegantly thick and heavy. Or, very importantly to the iPad’s market, imagine if its GPUs were slower and it ran existing iPad games extremely poorly. And then add the component-price differences: imagine a Retina iPad Mini that was bulkier, shorter-running, or much slower (or all three) and that started at $399 instead of $329.That’s why we don’t have a Retina iPad Mini yet. It’s not only about price: it’s because the resulting product would suck in at least two other important ways.[/quote] It looks like Apple may have overcomes these challenges.

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