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Purported Photos of Next Generation iPad mini Backplate


Purported Photos of Next Generation iPad mini Backplate

Tech Sina is reporting that purported photos of the next generation iPad mini’s backplate have been published on the Netizen Wei Feng forum. The forum user   “250441095”  photos show that the next generation iPad shell appears to be thicker than the current generation.


According to the report:

[quote] “250441095” netizens released a total of 9 photos did not picture any description, but this is obviously not the iPad mini component. From the photos, the metal shell to be thicker, but from the point of view camera, speaker, and punch position of the interface does not change much.

The most obvious difference is that the blue the Apple LOGO and the words “iPad”, but this is just an first model is not finished, so it can be seen from the edge of the fuselage, the emergence of the blue LOGO is used to produce the mirror cannot be ruled out.[/quote]


The increase in thickness is a sure sign that Apple might be implementing a Retina Display in the next generation iPad mini. The Cupertino-based company adopted a similar strategy in building the third iPad generation iPad with Retina Display.

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